Fuzzy Hat, Cozy Cat

Joce has a lot of headwear with cat ears.

This is one of them.

Coffee ♥ Date

Let’s go on a date with Justyn~!

(hope you remembered your credit card)

Butterfly Scholar

Don’t be fooled by his affected demeanor! He probably wants something from you. XD

This outfit was built for a visitor borrowing Joce’s body, and when I decided to swap Joce’s head back, I figured I would take shots of the outfit while it was already on. It turns out to suit him quite well!

That also gave me the chance to try out a new wig I’d purchased for him some weeks back, which I’m very happy with. The two-toned wine color is beautiful, and it’s very thick and luscious. I haven’t had him in a wig with bangs in quite a while.

Coffee, Tea, or Me?

I wanted him to wear something cozy and fall-ish. It kind of feels like an outfit test for a whimsical college/coffee shop AU mashup, though.


Hm. >_>

Hearts Upon

If I post at least a couple of photos, I can justify changing her outfit again, right?