oh, the goggles

They’re not quite goggles, but they were too cute an accessory to pass up. Jerolyn’s new visor (real glass, I think?) was part of Vincynt’s “Gothic Bat” outfit from Basicline. Maybe Vincynt should’ve gotten to keep them, but I don’t know if he can pull off the same look Jer can.

Heh. I love this boy.


I loved how Jer looked in his “casual” wear from the last update so much that I decided to take a separate shoot of him alone. That’s the t-shirt that came with his Syo body, which looks rather nice for ordinary daywear. There’s so much sunlight coming in through my window now that even Jer comes out shining like an angel. Well, he is one, but sometimes you have to question whether there’s any method behind the madness.

to protect you

In some ways, this is weirder than Justyn and Vincynt’s relationship, and in some ways, it makes a surprising amount of sense. Jerolyn’s hellbent on protecting anything he regards as “holy”, and Valentine, as a former Archangel, falls under that category.

black + maroon

One of the days, I really will get Justyn a cool outfit in white pleather, but until then he’ll have to put up with Vincynt’s maroon-ish jacket. It’s not his usual color, but at least it’s not black, either. These two are a strange pair, even stranger than Justyn and Vincynt in some ways. At least Justyn’s relaxed enough to put up with Jer’s zeal.


This set is just so wrong and yet…so right.

Vincynt and Jerolyn may hate each other, but they’re somehow bound together with this strange, strange destiny. One edges closer to something pure, the other teeters on the brink of the corrupted. I will probably add to this collection at some point in the future, because their relationship fascinates me.