a new challenger

As had been done with the others previously, Jerolyn arrived and was immediately forced to try on most of the wigs I had (barring the ones the others were wearing!). Only the CH39 seems to suit him, with maybe the silver and black custom wig in second. At some point I’ll have to buy some wigs specifically for him.

it’s traditional

Since the arrival of her new head meant an entirely different look for V, I decided to try on all her old wigs and see if there were any that didn’t suit her. Happily, she looked lovely in practically everything I tried. Maybe that’s just a testament to how beautifully painted she is?

tawny lion

Before I even knew Justyn was going to come home with us, I’d ordered three pairs of Antique Rose eyes, one pair for Valyntine and two for Vincynt. Afterwards, I felt awful that I hadn’t gotten some specifically for Justyn, so I let him borrow a pair of Vincynt’s until I could order more. Amazingly, the normal #03 eyes turned out to be a perfect match for him! With the default Young Cyn wig, he looks a bit like a tawny lion.

And with that cowboy hat on… wow!

wig marathon

Soon after you get a new doll, I think it’s mandatory to try lots of different wigs on them and take photos, even if they look silly in a particular style and color. Thankfully, Justyn is a lot more forgiving about this than Vincynt, who protested about most of the wigs I tried. Justyn was just kind of like “whatever, go ahead.” Cutie, no?

The first five are ones I originally bought for Vincynt; the next four are ones from V’s stash. (CustomHouse was kind enough to put velcro on his head before he reached me, so all of these wigs stay on so nicely.)

As a bonus — no wig at all. Lookee at his cute ears, lips, and bald head!

a new arrival

Photos of Vincynt after he arrived, trying out the wigs I’d ordered to go with him. The first, short blondish wig is the “Young Cyn” default, but I don’t think it’s really “him.” The white wig is closer, but it’s the black ponytail wig that looks the best on him.

So that has become his default wig.