A few months ago, I took photos of Vincynt with this shirt, but he was also wearing 20mm Antique Rose purple eyes, which didn’t really suit him. Those eyes have since been sold, so I thought I would try retaking those photos with something that fit him better. Thus, gray eyes, his LeekeWorld wig, and a nifty black eyepatch I won off Yahoo!Japan.

Sometimes I think Vincynt truly hides behind a mask. Maybe Justyn can talk him out of it…

going strait

Super-special thanks to Mia for the awesome shirt Jerolyn is wearing in these photos — it resembles a strait jacket and fits his personality perfectly. He always seems to have such confidence in himself, but I don’t doubt that a time will come when that faith is utterly shaken. Jer’s another damaged angel, only he doesn’t realize how little it will take to drive him over the edge.

(t)rusty pleather

Sometimes i think that Yahoo!Japan seller roi_m99 makes clothes expressly for Vincynt. Both this outfit and his black pleather jumpsuit were made by that seller, and I know i’ve seen many other auctions from them that would be perfect for my demon-boy.

Anyway, this marks Vincynt’s first pair of black vinyl pants, which will probably be used for great effect elsewhere. The jacket has a nifty texture, and the style almost reminds me of Final Fantasy VII‘s Vincent Valentine. Which, I suppose, is quite fitting, no?

maybe too weird

Out of boredom one day, I tried V’s Antique Rose #08 eyes in Vincynt and was surprised to find that the 20mm eyes actually fit him decently. What freaks me out, though, is how un-Vincynt-like he looks in these eyes. They’re too large, and too dark, making him seem younger and less angry. Weird.

I think I’d prefer 18mm red eyes in him for use with this shirt. Not sure why it has Bible verses on it, but it’s still nifty. Everything he’s wearing (aside from eyes) is from CustomHouse, because they rock.

dual angels

Dual angels.