a new challenger

As had been done with the others previously, Jerolyn arrived and was immediately forced to try on most of the wigs I had (barring the ones the others were wearing!). Only the CH39 seems to suit him, with maybe the silver and black custom wig in second. At some point I’ll have to buy some wigs specifically for him.


There’s not enough photos of Vincynt with this wig (by Cassiel!), are there? All that fur makes him look a little poof-headed, but he’s still got those same angry eyebrows. We still love him, right?

In some of the photos, the sunlight on his arm makes him appear to melt into the white background, like he’s literally coming through the light to you.

twice the black

It rained again today. Yuck. So when it rains, you need some photos of handsome boys to make up for it, right? I know I did. They’re cute together.

And, um, that’s about it.

trying new things

It was sunny when I got up this morning, but as the day wore on it became less and less so. Finally I gave up on using my usual lighting setting and tried this method instead. Didn’t turn out too bad, but with Justyn as a model, what would? Love how he looks with the black fur wig and those yellow eyes. Most gorgeous Jun ever, I swear.

dressy (kinda)

Ooh, I am so happy Vincynt finally let me take decent photos of him. He looks so handsome and devilish in Cassiel’s black fur wig and Justyn’s tuxedo jacket. Seeing his smirk reminds me of just how much I love him, even when he’s being angry. Now I need to get him a tuxedo of his own so the two boys can be dangerously dashing together.