a new challenger

As had been done with the others previously, Jerolyn arrived and was immediately forced to try on most of the wigs I had (barring the ones the others were wearing!). Only the CH39 seems to suit him, with maybe the silver and black custom wig in second. At some point I’ll have to buy some wigs specifically for him.

the cat came back

Fancyboots’s gorgeous pink kitty outfit. Oh, how I love how beautiful and soft it is! She’s wearing the Antique Rose purple eyes here too, but the light wasn’t so great today. Why does it always snow or rain on the weekends when I’m home to take photos? At least I have this outfit to cheer me up. She’s wearing another Angel Region wig here, and I just love how it forms those pretty curls!

it’s traditional

Since the arrival of her new head meant an entirely different look for V, I decided to try on all her old wigs and see if there were any that didn’t suit her. Happily, she looked lovely in practically everything I tried. Maybe that’s just a testament to how beautifully painted she is?

double vs

Two Vs together again, in yet more furry wigs and frilly dresses. Vincynt stopped teasing V about the pink dress long enough for this shoot to finish, which makes me kind of proud of him. They’re cute together when they’re not bickering.

pretty kitty

Who would have thought Valyntine would enjoy a frilly pink dress like this? When Fancyboots first introduced a teaser photo of the pink kitty outfit she’d designed, I fell instantly in love. I knew I had to have it, and so in the final moments of an eBay auction I managed to snag it. It cost me a pretty penny, but when it arrived I knew the cost had been worth it. Everything is so lovely and well-made!

…Now that I look at these, I think I probably should have changed her eyes to purple for a better effect, but oh well. Wish I had some pink ones. The texture on the fabric is just purrr-fect.