time enough

…But the friendly terms from the previous shoot might just get called off with this one. They look so sweet together, but who knows if it’s for real or just a passing phase? Justyn has stolen another of Vincynt’s wigs, and the black ponytail makes him look tougher. I guess if he feels he has to protect V, he’ll be like that.

backlit lace

Sigh. With the way I take photos, there’s so much light on her wings that you can barely see them. Alas, I’ll have to wait for warmer weather so I can take outdoor photos again. At least with the backlit effect, the lace details of the skirt are finally visible. Oh, my angel. I love this girl!

copper x green

One of these days I’m going to get more Bobo N Doll outfits for this poor girl, but it’s not going to be now. These Antique Rose eyes arrived a while back, and I finally got some photos up. Even though they were more expensive, I just had to have the gradation #01 (copper x green) ones for her, since they most closely resemble her character design’s eye color. Pretty! They’re a bit hard to photograph, but I think I just need a better setup.

first time trio

Don’t even ask me how I got all three to stand up on their own without knocking each other over, because I have no idea! luck, I suppose. Heck, I even managed to get through the entire session with all of them still standing.

Together the three of them make quite the group, especially when dressed alike. All three are wearing jeans and white shirts plus all pairs of black boots are from CustomHouse. Makes me wish I had a bigger platform to set them on and some nifty stands so I could do Charlie’s Angels-type poses.

like the boys

Not too exciting a subject, is it? When first taking group photos, I realized that both boys were wearing jeans and a white button-up shirt, so I decided to dress up V in the same manner. Too bad she doesn’t have a pair of faded jeans like they do, but she still kind of matches. These are her R-Jeans and a Volks boys suit shirt.