first time trio

Don’t even ask me how I got all three to stand up on their own without knocking each other over, because I have no idea! luck, I suppose. Heck, I even managed to get through the entire session with all of them still standing.

Together the three of them make quite the group, especially when dressed alike. All three are wearing jeans and white shirts plus all pairs of black boots are from CustomHouse. Makes me wish I had a bigger platform to set them on and some nifty stands so I could do Charlie’s Angels-type poses.

like the boys

Not too exciting a subject, is it? When first taking group photos, I realized that both boys were wearing jeans and a white button-up shirt, so I decided to dress up V in the same manner. Too bad she doesn’t have a pair of faded jeans like they do, but she still kind of matches. These are her R-Jeans and a Volks boys suit shirt.

uh oh?

Ha ha, now we see the real reason Vincynt is so annoyed with Justyn’s presence — he’s moving in on V! Justyn looks very protective of her, but I’m not so sure they’re as serious as Vincynt would like to think.

Maybe this is just for show, to get Vincynt riled up?

oil slick

Took me long enough to get this outfit photographed!

I bought one of Fancyboot’s “black slick” sets forever ago, and I finally decided to pair it with Volks black high heel boots and the new CustomHouse black “Hong Kong” wig I bought. My only gripe with the wig is that V’s kitty ears don’t fit all that well with it, so I had to make her just a regular girl for this instead of her typical catgirl form.

This outfit shows off the SD13 girl body really nicely, and with the short wispy style of the wig, it’s easy to see just how lovely the F-13 head mold is.

double vs

Two Vs together again, in yet more furry wigs and frilly dresses. Vincynt stopped teasing V about the pink dress long enough for this shoot to finish, which makes me kind of proud of him. They’re cute together when they’re not bickering.