just add hat

More fun with headgear!

Before Justyn stole the cowboy hat, it belonged with this outfit set. Now that V’s back to normal, she can finally wear the hat as she was meant to. Unfortunately, I’m waffling over the wig — it’s a Leekeworld one in carrot, but it just doesn’t fluff out as nicely as her Volks one does. It’s also darker than her hair should be. This may be reshot in the future with the Volks wig instead.

a cowboy rides in

I have some older photos of Justyn as a cowboy (he’ll probably always be a cowboy to me, because he looks so damn sexy like that), but the arrival of his long blonde LeekeWorld wig prompted a new round of photos. Most likely this will end up being his “default” look, perhaps even more than his original short flippy wig. He is, of course, a natural bishounen, so he needs a long, flowing ponytail.


Originally I’d purchased these CustomHouse gray eyes for Vincynt, since they were similar to the first Cyn’s eye color. The other day I decided to try them in Justyn, and because they’re not paper-weighted the way his Antique Rose eyes are, I was able to give him a really nifty upward glance that made him look both sexy and angry. Too bad I know he’s a softie inside.


After Justyn’s show-off session yesterday as a “cowboy”, Vincynt decided to try and one-up him. What’s the deal with males and their constant competitions? He doesn’t look so much the sexy sheriff part like Justyn does as much as the outlaw.

Mmm, I just love those eyes in him. I don’t know if they’ll ever come out again.


I actually ordered this jacket from CustomHouse at the same time I bought Justyn, but for some reason I never took any photos of anyone wearing it. Figured it would look really cute with his cowboy hat (Marlboro Man?), so I took these photos. It was raining today, but I still managed to get some nice ones.

Honestly, Justyn was probably the best impulse buy I’ve ever made. This boy is too handsome for words. He photographs so well!