Not Quite There

I adjusted his eyes a little and am trying to give him a chance, but I don’t think I can get used to him. He almost looks like Jer – he has the right head sculpt, the body, the eyes, the wig, the clothes, the accessories – and yet he doesn’t feel like Jer because the faceup keeps throwing me off. Like he’s an impostor.

I’m edging closer and closer to swapping his old head back and putting this one in its box until I can send it out for repainting with a different artist.

His eyebrows and eyelashes are gorgeous. The linework is fantastic. But he just doesn’t have the darkness and contrast and intensity he needs to really be Jerolyn. The heavy orangey-yellow blushing doesn’t work for me. The skin texturing doesn’t work for me, either, and it looks so out of place next to my other dolls with their cleaner, stylized faceups. I’m devastated that I’m unhappy with the final result in-hand and I don’t know how to fix that feeling now.


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