maybe too weird

Out of boredom one day, I tried V’s Antique Rose #08 eyes in Vincynt and was surprised to find that the 20mm eyes actually fit him decently. What freaks me out, though, is how un-Vincynt-like he looks in these eyes. They’re too large, and too dark, making him seem younger and less angry. Weird.

I think I’d prefer 18mm red eyes in him for use with this shirt. Not sure why it has Bible verses on it, but it’s still nifty. Everything he’s wearing (aside from eyes) is from CustomHouse, because they rock.

the cat came back

Fancyboots’s gorgeous pink kitty outfit. Oh, how I love how beautiful and soft it is! She’s wearing the Antique Rose purple eyes here too, but the light wasn’t so great today. Why does it always snow or rain on the weekends when I’m home to take photos? At least I have this outfit to cheer me up. She’s wearing another Angel Region wig here, and I just love how it forms those pretty curls!

flower girl

I’ll forever regret that this Angel Region wig has missing wefts in the back. It’s such a gorgeous color, and it looks lovely with these Antique Rose #08 eyes. Sigh.

I bought this outfit off eBay last summer because I couldn’t resist the lovely lace shirt and flower applique jeans. I wish it had been styled for an SD13 body instead of the standard SD girl one because it’s a little big on V, but I still really enjoy it.

odd couple

Haven’t taken group photos in a while, so I thought I’d put my V&V duo together while I was taking individual photos. Cute, aren’t they? I love the last photo especially, with the way Vincynt glances back at Valyntine. Damsel in distress, perhaps?

white lolita

The funny thing is, I coaxed Valyntine into this white lolita sundress because I thought it would match the lovely new CustomHouse “traditional” silver slippers that arrived yesterday. Then, of course, I started taking photos and somehow forgot to get any shots of the slippers themselves. Oops. You can see how gorgeous her Antique Rose eyes are, though!